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You Deserve A Healthy Life!

What health conditions do you have that keep you unhappy and worried?

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Pregnancy is a journey...

We are so happy to identify with you and walk you through this journey that might be entirely new to you. Our professionals will also work with you to ensure you have a smooth sail and safe delivery.

The most affordable yet comprehensive antenatal package there is...

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- Delivery
- ANC Consultation
- ANC Routine Drugs
- ANC Lab Tests
- ANC Ultrasound Scan
- Birth Certificate
- Immunization (from birth till one year
- Anti-Tetanus Vaccine During Pregnancy

The DAOS Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which is a committed to bringing better health care services for Nigerians.

The foundation is aimed at improving the health and living conditions of Nigerians, especially people living in Oyo State.

With the support of TOUN MEMORIAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL, we promise high quality health care services that can be justifiably accessed, from sponsoring pregnant women through their pregnancy phase by providing the necessary W.H.O standard services for pregnant women to minimized fee for surgical operations.

At DAOS FOUNDATION we believe everyone has the right to a better health care service and we have partnered with TOUN MEMORIAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL.

TOUN HOSPITAL renders top-notch quality services to her patients with cutting-edge facilities and equipment’s and a radical customer care service.

A Peep into Our ANC

We have a comprehensive antenatal clinic that caters for all your needs from conception to delivery. 

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